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Quartz Sphere Trio


Quartz Crystal Trio

Quartz Sphere Trio


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Quartz Sphere Trio – a safe and magnificent way to show off your beautiful quartz crystal spheres.  The Quartz Sphere Trio are in natural neutral tones.  As such, they will fit in with any colour scheme.

We love the Quartz Sphere Trio and are fascinated to notice them attracting and reflecting light and energy around the room in a a very cool way!

The Quartz Sphere Trio have all the properties of natural Quartz with the added wonder of the smooth, spherical carving and the mystique of the crystal balls!  We find them irresistible.  A great present for you, or someone you love, and sure to be much talked about and admired.

We specialise in gift-ware made from fossils and crystals, because we love them.  What we also love, is that we can have all the fun and beauty of the natural stone surrounding us at home in the gorgeous variety of useful and attractive artefacts such as these spheres, lamps,

jewellery and tableware…..

As usual with all of our products, shipping is free to mainland UK and at cost overseas.   Let us take the strain – it’s what we do!

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Additional Information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 cm