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Natural Ammonite Sculpture


Ammonite Sculpture

Natural Ammonite Sculpture


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Natural Ammonite Sculpture.  Our beautiful Ammonite assemblage is an amazing, natural phenomenon.  The sculpture was found in its entirety.  Just as it is now, the creatures would have laid to rest 110 m years ago, on the seabed!

Natural Ammonite Sculpture is from the Mahajanga Province of Madagascar.  It probably rested on the foreshore of a lagoon where shells washed up together.

The Natural Ammonite Sculpture is an assemblage with associated shells from the lower cretaceous period. It has been sympathetically prepared.   All the fossils are in their original positions.  Some of the Ammonites, as you can see, have their Aragonite shell on.   This shows as a beautiful pearly white.  It has  Calcite crystal underneath it.  Other ammonites have their shell partially off.  These ammonites show the suture patterns, which are the float chambers of the original creatures.

All the large ammonites are of the species Cleoniceras.  There is also a small Douvilleiceras peeping out!

This is one big baby.  And heavy!  Luckily for you, the shipping is free to mainland UK.   Shipping is charged simply at cost overseas.  Either way, we take the strain and you don’t need to worry!  We’re used to it.






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