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Lapis Heart Pocket Charm


Lapis Heart Pocket Charm


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Lapis Heart Pocket Charm with all the beauty of deep blue, authentic Lapis Lazuli and velvety smooth to the touch.

Fits perfectly into your pocket, without weighing you down.  I like to hold onto my heart and enjoy its polished feel in my hand – I love to turn it over and being able to turn it over and over in my pocket has a very calming effect on me – a kind of luxurious fidget spinner for grown ups ~ we all need them from time to time!

The heart makes a great present for friends, the answer to a potentially embarrassing forgotten birthday is right there at your finger tips.

Others carry Lapis Lazuli because as a protective stone, aiding inner peace.

Our strong Lapis Lazuli Heart comes in its own bag – keep it in the bag or pop it straight in your pocket, either is fine.

As with all our products, shipping is free to mainland UK and at cost overseas. No hidden charges!o

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Weight .007 kg
Dimensions 4 × .5 × 4 cm