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Labradorite Palmstone


labradorite palmstone

Labradorite Palmstone


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Just one of our claims to fame – we supplied the Labradorite Talisman that Kili has in the Hobbit – see our blog for the story – then come back to get one of your very own!!

One of our most popular stones, Labradorite never fails to please with its hidden depths and lights, it is irresistible to anyone who loves stone.    Thought to bring good luck and according to Inuit legend, capturing the Northern lights, which when you see it, is instantly believable.  A particularly stunning piece of our favourite mineral – small but beautifully formed and full of lights – truly exquisite, with a charming back-story – great for conversation piece when friends come to call.    (see our Geology blog which explains how this stone shows such beautiful colour and light)

We always have a good stock of Labradorite and larger and smaller pieces are available also – please contact us to discuss your specific requirements if they differ from the piece displayed for sale here.

PS Have you seen our Labradorite Tiger?

Shipping free on mainland UK and at cost overseas.

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Weight 0.045 kg
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 1 cm