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Fossil Keichousaur


Fossil Keichosaur

Fossil Keichousaur


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Fossil Keichousaur .   This Fossil Keichousaur is a very primitive and small marine reptile.  Cute and super-old!   This authentic and genuine lil fella is very complete, with exquisite anatomical detail.

Well-described and from the Triassic period.  The Keichousaurs became extinct in the catastrophic event which separates the Triassic from the Jurassic.

The Fossil Keichousaur gets its name form the province where it was first found.  Formerly Kweichow, now Guizhou Province, China.

Fossil Keichousaurs are commonly found as almost complete, articulated skeletons.  As such, they are popular with collectors.   They are distinguished by a broad ulna, short ‘nose’ and long temporal openings.

A great gift for the keen fossil fan – or a gift to yourself is you are a collector.  We can frame this specimen for you.  We would take details and give you a price beforehand.  Our framing service is of the highest quality but surprisingly affordable for that special gift.  We also specialise in corporate and retirement gifts so contact us to discuss.

We are long-established in the fossil trade.  We know our stuff.  We now what’s genuine and what’s not.  We also have to be very aware of any international regulations governing the sale of fossils  For this reason, we cannot sell this Fossil to you if you are ordering from Australia, America or Canada*.   For a fuller explanation see our FAQs.

Rest assured, we take the strain so you don’t have to.

Furthermore, shipping to mainland UK is free and charged at cost overseas*.

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