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Dinosaur Fossils Deluxe


Dinosaur Tooth & Dinosaur Fossils

Dinosaur Fossils Deluxe


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Dinosaur Fossils Deluxe contains a very collectable Fossil Dinosaur Tooth from a Spinosaur as well as the usual Dino Fossils!!  Each pack contains  a Jurassic dinosaur bone fragment, dinosaur coprolite (poo!) specimen and Titanosaur Eggshell 70 million years old!   Our pack celebrates the launch of ‘Jurassic World’ – the 4th in the Jurassic Dinosaur movies, out now!!!

Together with these four dinosaur fossils, you get a description of where they are from, how old they are etc.  You also get a dinosaur fact file and a geological timeline showing when the dinosaurs lived and you can see clearly when the Jurassic period fell, in the history of our ancient and amazing planet!!

Not only are these collectables older than you – they are older than human beings!!   All come in handy bags to keep them together,  The dimensions given are for the size of the bag and information sheets.  The smaller fossils are roughly 2cm each.  A fun way to build on the interest generated in your young dino fan by the movie and a great way to learn more about dinosaurs!

If you are shoping for birthdays and party bags (you can split up each pack if you need to), we also have easy to follow blogs on dinosaur parties: food, games and activities – click to see.

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