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Attenboriensis Davidus

DAvid Attenbourogh loves fossils

Attenboriensis Davidus

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Attenboriensis Davidus – extremely sought after and prized by royalty.   National Treasure with high international status.  Instrumental in altering the way we look at the fossil record.    From the Genus, Attenborough, all highly prized in their fields.  Developed in Leicester, UK – perfect provenance and a fine example of the type.

Very much pre- loved and rightfully deserving of a prominent place in evolutionary history.   #1 top Briton by popular vote.    Comes with Knighthood, BAFTA Certification and so much more.  Sure to be loved for decades to come.    Equally at home in shed and study, but don’t expect him to sit around the house – found globally and very prolific.  Highly prized Fossil Gold.  Priceless – we love you Sir David  –  huge respect and love for all your work.

Photo Credit:  blogs.unimelb.edu.au

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Dimensions 178 cm