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Amber with Insects Pendant


amber with insects pendant

Amber with Insects Pendant


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Amber with Insects Pendant with all the beauty of mother nature on display.  This large and wonderful pendant clearly shows the multiple insects within.  And a leaf!  You can even see the skeleton of the leaf if you look at the picture.  And they’ve been there for millions of years!

Amber is fossilised tree sap and the insects have landed in it when it was fresh.  The Amber solidifies, trapping them forever.  This piece is from the Baltic – one of the few sources world-wide.

The silver chain is 16 inches long – and can easily be changed to adapt the length or pop onto a favourite existing chain.

An outstanding and unusual present whether for yourself or a loved one.

Free shipping world wide with this purchase!  Hurry – as this is unique,  clearly there’s only one!


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Weight 0.015 kg
Dimensions 5 × 2.75 × 2 cm