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How Can We Help? FAQS:

Overseas Shipping: We regret that due to current international arrangements for shipping it may be impossibly expensive and time consuming to ship orders outside of UK.  You many order if you wish and we will return your payment immediately should we have to disappoint you.  We are very sorry.

Postage/Shipping: and Delivery Times:

What is your delivery policy?

We offer free 1st class shipping within UK* .   Please note that there will be no service between December 23 and January 4th inclusive.

Do you offer international delivery?

Please see notice above.  Otherwise, these have been our long-standing arrangements:

 As we get your order (hours are normally Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm) we’ll be in touch by email to arrange immediate shipping.  Note that there is no service between December 23rd and January 4th inclusive.

We are used to shipping worldwide routinely and if you are outside of mainland UK, we will quickly find the cheapest reliable means of getting your purchase to you. You can choose between ship or air freight, according to how urgent your need is and how large your shipment.

We’ll quickly have a quote or two and be in touch again to confirm arrangements and take a payment for them. We do not charge, or add any profit, for this service, you pay shipping at cost.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

We send out products everyday and if you are not totally thrilled with your purchase or if it has been damaged in transit to you, we offer a full money back guarantee. Just contact us or call 0044 (0)7855 344 246 to arrange your return, replacement or full refund.

How do I know it’s genuine?

All our products are certified as genuine and freely and legally available.

Is it legal?

We know our rocks inside and out and indeed we have a worldwide reputation based on our knowledge and experience since 1976. We are continually in touch with the international community of fossil and crystal suppliers, keep up to date with import and export law and we know what’s hot and what’s not in every location around the world. All our fossils are legal.

 Am I buying something that should stay in the public domain?

We care about the environment and communities at source and know exactly the scarcity or availability of every rock we stock – and more besides. It is not in our interest to strip the world of dwindling resources.

I saw on the TV that private collectors deprive academic communities from learning about prehistory on or behalf?

We believe passionately that the future lies in collectors, museums, scientists and universities working together to learn as much as we can about our world and ultimately, our own origin.

The rocks that we sell are not in short supply. Their type have been well studied and documented and often, if they were not collected as they appear at the earth’s surface, they would become eroded and lost forever.

 How do I know its real?

As you may well know the key to a find is that it can only appear in the correct geology for its type ie a fossil bone will come from a bone bed, a gold crystal from an area famous for gold etc etc. Unlike Richard III, fossils and crystals cannot turn up in a Leicester car park unless that is where they were formed … or dropped by a passing eagle we guess!

Of course there are a handful of areas in the world where good fakes are produced – but we’re onto them and although we admire their skill and expertise greatly, their products are not amongst our stock!

So I don’t need to worry?

We take the strain so you don’t have to!  But don’t let us stop you learning about fossils and crystals – it is what we spend most of our working hours doing, of course and we haven’t gotten bored yet!  If you have any questions or concerns, contact us or give us a call on 00 44 (0) 7855 344 246

 I’ve got a fossil and I’d really love to know what it is and if it’s worth anything.

What about grandad’s collection in the attic, or that funny stone Johnny found on the beach the other day – you may want to pop down to your local museum but if you are stuck, send a photo via email:  or post it on our Facebook link and we’ll do our best to tell you what it is – we like a challenge!

Repair Service:

Normally rocks are pretty robust, but if you are sad because you have an irreplaceable fossil or crystal which is broken, we may be able to use our workshop expertise to fix it for you at a modest price – get in touch, with a photo  at

If your rock has broken in transit from us, please see money back guarantee above.

I’m a trader myself – where can I source these things?

We supply a large number of shops and businesses so if you are a trader, contact us for wholesale terms.