Where can I see Dinosaurs?

where can I see Dinosaurs

Where can I see dinosaurs?

There comes a time in life – sooner or later – where we all get wowed by a rock!  In reponse to my question – where can I see dinosaurs? I was taken to Thermopolis in Utah, USA.  The first time I saw a dinosaur being excavated I suddenly realised what all little boys know right from the start – Dinosaurs are Cool!  They are quite prolific in the hills up there.  I could just picture them roaming over the hillside – a great trip!  Each year the Dinosaur hunters have to work hard and fast to excavate these ancient giants as for around 9 months of the year they lie frozen in the earth.  Amazing!!  Other famous fossil sites nearby in the States are in Wyoming and Colorado.

But where can I see dinosaurs closer to home?    For another member of our team, dinosaurs were a passion they discovered later!  The first bite was rockin’  up (scuse the pun!!) at Lyme Regis after a storm and finding a massive cliff fall had left ammonites all over the beach.   Ok they were small but there were lots of them.  Little tiny pyrite (Fools Gold) ammonites and so our, now famous, rock hound was on his way!

Where can I see Dinosaurs: Icthyosaur with Skin

Our famous Icthyosaur with Skin, from Lyme


You can find and see all kinds of amazing fossils at Lyme Regis in Dorset – and read about Mary Anning ‘she sells sea shells on the sea shore’ – an extremely famous early Paleontologist to whom we owe so much learning about the fossil record – and of course, like me, she was a she – girls love fossils too!!
A word of warning though…..

Be careful under that cliff face young rock hounds, remember, rocks are hard and children are soft!!


Other great sites in Britain are in Whitby and the Isle of Wight.  See our fossil hunting blog for details!

Whitby Dactilioceras

A Whitby Dactilioceras Ammonite – people used to think they were rock snakes!!

Where can I see dinosaurs?   This question can lead to a very interesting hobby – or even to a career as  Paleontologist.  For our resident mineralogist it was the first time he nibbled a rock – I lie – but they really do have to do that at Uni you know tee hee!

Where Can I see dinosaurs:  Desert rose gypsum

Desert Rose: Say it with Flowers?

Actually, for him it was going through the Gypsum Caves of Sorbas in Almeria, Spain. Contorting his body to squeeze through crevices to see the amazing and enormous Gypsum crystals!


Where can I see Dinosaurs: Dinosaur Skeleton

Anything from the Fossil and Crystal shop anyone?

By the way, if you do want to learn more about fossil related activities, look at our Bare Bones Blogs eg How to Curate a Collection, What to do with your fossil finds, How Geology Began and Other stories ….. and much more!! Psst What are minerals for is just one blog that could help with homework as well.

If you also have the rock bug, let us know your memories of passionate moments with rocks – printable ones, of course!  Or tell us where you would like to go in the future – and what you would like to read in future blogs?  How can we help you- Contact Us?  And if you really can’t wait – check out our Online Shop in the meantime with treasures large and small!  Enjoy!!

Where can I see dinosaurs: Rhino Skull

Fossilised…the Only way to have a Rhino Skull