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Mr Happy Face

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It can all get a bit too much from time to time, working with all this crystal energy takes it toll.  Occasionally we just have to let off steam fossil dealer style .  It may not (always) be clever and its certainly not pretty but here are some stars from our silly stone collection getting their rocks off in Hollywood.  We challenge you not to grin….

Ladies and Gentlemen,  the Stoner’s Movie Guide :

Our handsome portrait, above is called Mr Happy – although he’s obviously had a heavy night!   Maybe he was out on the lash with Mr Toad of Toad Hall?

Mr Toad

Mr Toad’s Wild Ride!

Stoner’s Movie Guide reports on  a touch of  boy-racing with Justin Bieber – perhaps after a lock in at the Rover’s Return?  We hope not Mr Toad, Parp Parp.  Just in case you’re still thinking your behabier was clever and pretty Justin, here’s the ‘after’ picture from the latest NHS  leaflet on recommended drinking levels:

The Hangover

The Hangover – Parts 1, 2 and 3? ‘I’m home dear!’

And the latest loveable villains from the accompanying film on under age drinking:


Cute Cheeky Monkey Twins -weren’t they in Madagascar – the Mashup?

And don’t think that Stoner’s movie guide recommends smoking as an alternative:

The Alien

The Alien – Space Cadet.  Govt Health Warning: Never smoke after drinking.


– as Aladdin found out when he fell in the oil jar down at the bazaar:

Stone Oil Jar

Aladdin’s Oil Jar (doubles as Shisha)


Homer Simpson

Even Homer Simpson takes a trip

With a very surprising Happy Ending:

Rocket in your Pocket

Apollo 13 … inches?

Stoner’s Movie Guide says that if you are finding this all a bit childish, who y’ gonna call?  They seem a bit out of action right now:

Ghost Busters

Ghost Busters – Busted!

And down in ole Hollywood town, we can’t even rely on the Disney crew to play it straight:


Lassie – gone the way of Messrs Cheech and Chong – ‘Up in Smoke?’

Stoner’s Movie Guide says don’t go forgetting other Fun Guys  (geddit?) …….
Fantasia - magic mushroom sequence

Fantasia – the Magic Mushroom Sequence

'shroom cloud

‘Shroom’ Mushroom Cloud

Still on the subject of  fun, guys …

Brokeback Mountain Marble Cowboy Boot

Brokeback Mountain – or just a gay marble cowboy boot?

But why should the guys always get the lead roles?  Cinders has paid a trip to Jimmy Choo’s, where one pair is never enough (obviously)  …..
Amethyst Crystal Designer Flip Flops

Cinderella’s (Camilla?) Amethyst Crystal Designer Flip Flops.  Prince Charming (Charles?) kept the right foot


Cinderella’s slipper – even she’s on the rocky road to ruin after My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding

Mind you, there was a bit of Dad dancing going on at the wedding ….
Matisse Icarus

Matisse Icarus – on a foggy day

Dad got so carried away on the dance floor his behaviour got even more out of hand:

Btw ‘Gypsum?’ is the Bristol way of saying ‘Isn’t that Princess Cinderella a Gypsy?’


And now for one of Bristol’s most famous ‘babbers’:

Wallace and Gromit

Wallace and Gromit – ‘where are y’ hiding Gromit lad?’

To continue with the Stoner’s Movie Guide on the totally non-pc road to ruin of an otherwise totally respectable online fossil and crystal shop…

Sad Owl Caught in the Act of Morphing

Elephant Man – or sad owl morphing?


Titanic Cabin with Sea View?

Titanic Cabin – with sea view. So near yet so far? Ouch.

Donald Duck

Donald Duck – Tweeting or Croaking?


When Jaws went Finding Nemo?

Jaws Finding Nemo?

But now, the Stoner’s Movie Guide final curtain …you’ve gotta hand it to those Pro veterans, the Mr Men who, if they aren’t exactly Hollywood superstars, have always oozed star quality…

Mr Messy

Mr Messy – and how!

Mr Sad

Mr Sad – school nights never fun!


Mr Happy Face

Mr Happy – happily twisted that is!


And the Stoner’s Movie Guide leaves the last laughs to that impeccable master of voice- overs,  Mr Stephen Fry…..

BAFTA Compere

Infamous BAFTA Awards Compere?


From Winnie the Pooh - wise owl with bow tie

From Winnie the Pooh? – Wise owl with bow tie

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