Pocket Money Rock Stall – Fun Ideas

Pocket Money School Fayre Ideas

Pocket Money Rock Stall – fun ideas for the school fayre!!  …. It’s that time again and you’re looking for easy original ideas to boost school funds – look no further!

We have 5 great school fete ideas here, all costed at around £2 a go.  5 easy ways to give a fresh twist to fun favourites!  So whether you like lucky dips, treasure searches, writing and drawing competitions, or a pocket money stall, we have the products and the fun ideas ready for you!  Lucky for you – we also have the rocks all packed and ready to go – at highly competitive rates, complete with boxes, info – everything you need except a small table – and an old tin for the takings!!  We have many different product lines which are suitable and we can mix and match to suit your plans.   Just contact us to discuss.  We’ll normally be back to you straight away Mon-Fri 9-5.

  1. Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea: Pirate Treasure

With our Pyrite hoard of Fool’s Gold! – sparkly gold lumps that children adore!  Print out a treasure map, with certain co-ordinates winning a treasured lump of ‘gold’ bounty.  We found a hoard of treasure map activities at http://www.better-fundraising-ideas.com/treasure.html, just right for the job!   Or bury the ‘gold’ in a sand pit to dig for buried treasure.  Short of time?  Children pay to visit a pirate-themed drawing and colouring table where every picture wins a prize.

  1. Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea:  Fairy and Pixie Jewels

Children love to collect polished or coloured gemstones and they work well in a bran tub, with sawdust, in a sandpit or sold in pretty pouches.   The buried treasure map can also work with gemstones.

  1.  Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea: Dig for Fossils

A great way to cash in on the Jurassic World pheneomenon!  We supply the fossils, just bury in sand, shredded paper or sawdust and let your young dino fans do the rest.  You can choose to wrap up each stone for added surprise which also limits the amount of sheenanigans that can go with ‘choosing’.    Children can swap with each other afterwards – and that’s half the fun!  Fossils supplied will be 170 – 360 million years old, compete with identifying information.

  1.  Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea:  Crystal Quest

Use gorgeous child-sized Amethyst crystals or polished stones in any of the above school fete activities – or send them off round the school grounds to find clues which lead them eventually to the ‘treasure’ – every one’s a winner with a prize for returning with completed answer sheet. Even simpler, give an entry ticket and just follow the clues posted around the grounds.  At the end of the trail is an adult (dressed up?), who swaps each entry ticket for a prize.

Pocket Money School Fayre Ideas: treasure hunting. Photo Credit: www.comluv.com

Pocket Money School Fayre Ideas: Treasure Hunting. Photo Credit: www.comluv.com

5. Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea:  Pocket Money Rock Stall

Any or all of the above stones can be used on a simple school pocket money stall at your school fete, we’ll include flat pack boxes for display.   The unit price of the rocks is up to  1.50, so you can sell at £2 – £2.50 each and make an easy profit on each one. They don’t go off so if you have any leftovers, keep them for next Christmas, wrapped or just repeat the stall.

Its a simple enough project for the kids to plan and run it themselves as a learning project, with some supervision, but nothing too tricky!

We have lots of experience running similar events and have always found them to be really popular, so you may have to order more for the festive season! See here for Pocket Money Pack.

Pocket Money School Fayre  Idea:  Jurassic World Fun!

To complement your activities (- why stop at one!) You may also wish to sell our new Dino Packs on your stall – you will easily double your money by investing in multiples of our bumper pack! Don’t forget – kids love dinosaurs and Jurassic mania is here with the new Jurassic World film making a dino-tastic comeback to the prehistoric park!!  Contact us for wholesale rates and to view related products!

Should you need to make more profit, you could do a Tombola – only tickets ending in 5 or 0 get a prize. Less fun but probably popular nonetheless!

NB:  Activities not suggested for Pre-school children due to small parts.

We will normally have the products within 2 – 3 business days of ordering 9-5 Mon-Fri, so no worries there. And shipping is free on mainland UK. What are you waiting for? Let’s go find treasure….