Lockdown Survival Guide

Lockdown Survival Guide

Our hearts and minds go out to those people who are ill and losing loved ones at this time. Nothing we have to offer can comfort. We are so sorry and you are in our thoughts.

So, trying to avoid feeling too sorry for ourselves – don’t know about you, but we’re stuck in Tier 3 right now. We’ve had a good hard look at ourselves and come up with a 5 step plan for staying cosy – and hopefully well.

As we know, the Danes are one of the happiest peoples on the planet – despite the chilly, dark, winter days!  In Denmark Hygge (”Hue-gah”) is the well-kept secret to surviving – or thriving – through the winter months.   Here’s our take on adapting that Hygge feeling in the hope of staying cheery and bright through December and beyond. 

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1. Lockdown Survival Guide: Look after No. 1!

Do be kind to yourself!  A little of what you fancy does you good is what my Great Great Aunt used to say – and she should know, living well into her nineties to be the much -adored provider of love to her whole extended family.

2.  Lockdown Survival Guide: Food – make it delicious AND healthy!!

Being kind to yourself could mean choosing delicious drinks and snacks which feel indulgent whilst keeping us healthy when it’s cold!  And keeping up vital vitamins and minerals – like Vitamin D which we make in sunlight during the lighter months.

Here’s a few treats to whet your appetite:

Brazil nuts – coated in dark chocolate yum! 

Warm spiced apple juice – gert lush as they say here in Somerset – where they know a thing or two about apples! 

One delicious square of dark chocolate slowly melting in your mouth.

A cup of hot water with a couple of slices of fresh ginger – strangely addicitive!  Or with some warm blackcurrant juice! 

Homemade veg soup – couldn’t be easier, cheaper or healthier:  Gather what veg you have to use up – boil up in a moderate amount of water with a vegetable or chicken stock cube – whizz in the blender (optional)  eat it all day and stay svelte – but go easy on those potatoes Tiger!  

Cut up a small plate of fruit, arrange beautifully, light a candle and savour the moment with or without the kids!  

Perfect with a hot chocolate after school – choose a dark chocolate, make with milk and use honey – its still sugary but has other health-giving properties such as being antiseptic!

3. Lockdown Survival Guide: Light up your life

Don’t believe it makes a difference?  Turn the lights down low.

If you have a young family, get out some little glasses and a jug.  Seat your toddlers around a low table. Keep voices low, maybe choose some soothing mood music.  Preferably something you both like!

Slowly pour a glass of juice each.   Slowly – like a tea ceremony.  The children will wait, quietly with wide eyes.  ‘Ssh, look what we’ve got’  – where you lead, they’ll follow.  I promise.  Believe and you will be rewarded as they sip their juice like its the most delicious and precious drink ever.  You’ll never forget this moment.  Take care with candles – we find a shorter tea light candle less prone to being knocked over …https://fossilandcrystalshop.com/product/polished-rose-quartz-crystal-tea-light-holder/

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Gemstone Advent Calendar, Santa Truck, close up

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4. Surviving Lockdown: Be a Skandi- Style Eco Warrior Draw those curtains just before it gets dark to keep the heat in!   

Or get crafty and make some draft excluders?  Not very handy?   Just chop the leg off some old thick tights – choose a rich colour, stuff with old tights or sock (clean!!) or some soft toy stuffing.  Use PVA craft glue and add sequins, buttons, eyes, flowers, glitter – let your inner Artsy self go!   Remember we’re keeping the lighting low so the mistakes won’t show 😉  

You can always share ideas on our Facebook page’ – we love to see them!  

Once you get in, close the curtains and get cosy you will be conserving heat, enjoying warming soup and maybe even finding time for a family board game?  Who says we can’t find time anymore?

Psst put a cheap battery operated tea light on the outside of your curtains – now you will cheer the tired commuters on their way home.

 Or decorate that tree or shrubbery in your front garden with a cheap string of battery operated lights?  Ok we’ve noticed this isn’t entirely green but hey, on the grand scale of things you are adding warmth to people’s lives and hearts – without massive displays of bright lights, which will cost the planet more.  Besides a couple of AA batteries will probably last the whole festive season!  

5.  Surviving Lockdown: Wellness for the one who looks after everyone else…

Get a clean dishcloth, lay it on the kitchen table then raid the kitchen cupboard.  Add a handful of oats into the centre of the cloth.  A cinnamon stick?  Orange Peel.  A spoonful of honey.  A teaspoon of salt.  A few peppercorns.  Cardamom seeds?  Some late rose petals from the garden or a spring of rosemary?  Tie up your bundle with string – or an elastic band.  Drop into the running water of a hot both. 

Relax and enjoy.   Use the bag to gently scrub your skin for a fragrant exfoliator – and unwind!

Add a small glug of Olive Oil to soothe winter skin!

Can’t get out … Try a video call – put the kettle on and meet up in the comfort of your living room.  Its easier than you think.  

Tonight I’m looking forward to getting all cosy in my PJs and because I’ve got a tickly throat (eek) I’m going to share my top cold remedy with you – a delicious warm drink from Hoi Ann in Vietnam – where everyone coughs all winter long because of the damp river air. 

Here goes:  Roughly chop an unpeeled tangerine or similar citrus fruit.  Put the whole lot (yep, peel n all) in a small saucepan with a pinch of sea salt,  3 peppercorns, a good spoonful of honey, finely grated lemon or lime peel – then add the lime or lemon juice and some finely grated ginger.  Boil it up a bit and you should have a really syrupy linctus-like comforting warm drink with a really strong and delicious flavour – drink it so hot that you can only sip.  Oh my goodness, its the best!!  And tomorrow my tickly throat will be all gone!

We hope you have enjoyed reading and are starting to get in the mood for feeling relaxed and cosy, depite the madness outside. Enjoy!! If you like our style – you might like our 15 free ideas for a traditional christmas – or you might like to browse our shop – also for free!