Interior Design: Bring the Outside In

Photo credit: : room by Amy Lau

Interior Design? Out with the old, in with the new in 10 easy ways – time to let the sunshine in to the house, shake off the dust and get ready for a summer of love – in northerly countries they celebrate the return of the sun – what tradition do we have?  Spring cleaning!  Luckily, we have lots of fresh ideas – and beautiful authentic products, straight from the natural world, polished and ready to take pride of place in any home…  in our Home and Garden Ware Section

Let’s open the back door, have a coffee and let in some sunshine……

1. Blurring the Boundaries

By adding plants near a window on the inside and a stone sculpture on the outside, you blend the boundaries between interior design and out – great for summer living, even when you are stuck indoors doing  chores.

1. Interior design: Add Plants

The easiest way to bring sunshine into your interior design:  for shiny leaves, just wipe with milk!

3.  Treasures from the Beach

Let a few choice shells or stones find their way into the bathroom?

3.  Beautiful Natural Objects

Fossils and crystals are a  great way to enjoy the wonders of the natural world at home.  We have some ideas you may like on our Pinterest page with lots of interior design ideas.  If you need some beauties like the ones in our main pic and can’t see what you want, Contact Us, we have more than we can show you here 😉

5.  Colour with Sunshine

There are great paints and fabrics around now – try a splash or go for a dash of yellow or sky blue.  Wow!

Interior Design photo credit:

photo credit:

6.  Add natural materials

Wood is always beautiful and so versatile.    Just change interior design accessories and ornaments for pops of colour, and way to go.

7.  Flowers

Some of our favourites are very simple sprays from the garden.  We love the Scandi Chic  – we always  add in a natural stone, but that’s our boogie!

Interior Design: Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

8.  Go Naked?

Curtains are great for keeping warm in the winter – which ones are essential now?  |Give the windows a clean – one of our Great Ways to Keep Fit!  Share with the family one window each?  Maybe you could opt for some floaty white floor length nets that tie back out of the way?

9. Trap some sunbeams?

We adore our sun jar from – leave it on a sunny windowsill during the day and it glows beautifully and atmospherically after dark.  Love it – clean green fun!

10.  Summer of Love

This summer is all about 70’s retro styling so kick back and get on your sandals and love beads and enjoy the vibe you’ve created.  Cool man.  Cool.

So what’s your next project?  Let us know in ‘comments’ below – and we’d love to share some pictures of your designs on our Facebook page .  We just featured some great ‘she-sheds’ as we’re planning a blog about taking the inside out, so don’t go too far away!

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