Dinosaur Party Food – How I Can Make it?

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Dinosaur Party Food?   If you are reading this, we reckon you are after inspiration or encouragement as junior has asked for a Dinosaur Party – complete with dinosaur party food!!!  We reckon the demand could be high this year what with the release of a certain film!  So here are a few ideas – it may not feel realistic to do all of them, but pick 3 you like and give it a go?

There are plenty of really fantastic dinosaur party food ideas out there but we have kept this one do-able, cheap and cheerful on the whole, with some creative ideas thrown in for good measure!  BTW we also have a blog on dinosaur party games as well.

The name of the dinosaur party food game is to capture children’s imagination, so labels and pictures can be useful  – you could make a few little flags with sticky labels and cocktail sticks – download some Jurassic or dino images (pinch ours, we don’t mind) or better still get the kids to draw them.   Optional.

It can all seem far too much of a hassle – but keep it within what you can cope with and you will reap rewards – with your children –  and not to mention other parents !!  You’ll feel you have really earned that glass of wine you’ll be enjoying later, a job well done!  Read on …

Dinosaur Party Food Image

Dinosaur Party Food Rrraarrr Princess!


  • First things first – get yourself armed with dino cutter shapes – plenty of suppliers via Google – we found one called Cakes, Cookies and Craft Shop that had a variety to choose from  – and Lakeland have one that does two-at-a-time out of a bread slice sized cutter – very nifty!  You can use modelling dough cutters, check the toy box! Now, cut everything on the table into dinosaurs – sandwiches, pizzas, toast, slices of cake – even better get the kids to do it!  Hey presto – dinosaur party food!
  • Surround your sarnies with some sweet baby salad leaves and broccoli floret ‘trees’ to recreate a bit of Jurassic flora.
  • Use monster munch snacks for dinosaur footprints – easy peasy!
  • Healthy option – cut celery into chunky points for dino teeth (5-10 mins)  or use tortilla chips and make a label – ‘Shark Teeth’
  • And there’s nothing slimier than an avocado dip to dip them in!  (Just mash up a few ripe avocados with some olive oil and lemon juice – or short cut, mayonnaise.)
  • Expand the fossil theme: spread cream cheese over a wrap – and add a layer of jam, Marmite or thin slices of ham or cucumber.  Roll up the wrap tightly – at this point you can wrap it in clingfilm and keep it in the fridge if you want to prepare the night before – always a good plan!   Slice the ‘tube’ into 1 cm or so pieces.   Display them sideways and add a label saying ‘Ammonite Bites’ with a whirly logo or pic.
  • Cadbury’s Mini Rolls can also be sliced up and displayed whirly sides up for sweeter ‘ammonites’.  Mix chocolate and vanilla?
  • Mini Lion Bars or similar- dino poo?   – Disgusting? – that’s the point!!  Chocolate crispy cakes make good ‘rocks’ also.
  • Enlist an arty friend or older family member to make or supervise a mosaic dinosaur picture with a fruit platter – satsuma segments, grapes, melon slices, pineapple slices, cherries, kiwi chunks and slices, banana …. copy a simple pic you downloaded earlier?  This can also be done on top of a large slab of cake – either straight onto the cake or set into cream, icing or chocolate spread.
  • Make a healthy swamp juice drink from celery, apple and mint or cucumber juices – ok, not everybody’s thing but serious brownie points with the healthy parents brigade!  OK so there’s always Innocent’s  Kiwi, Apple and Lime – or mix some lime and apple squash, and add a few bits of fresh fruit and mint leaves, Desperate Dad.
  • Dinosaur party food swamp jelly with lime jelly and dino sweets ( 5 mins and an hour or two to set) – or a healthier version by using your cookie cutters on slices of fresh pineapple – add another 15 mins on (unless you are Jamie Oliver!) but double points!!
  • Don’t forget the dino plates and cups you can get, often unbranded and quite cheaply eg at  pound shop,
  • Can’t stand the mess?  Stick your fave items in a dinosaur themed box with or without the jelly ha ha
  • Psst Waitrose do a Chocolate Dinosaur cake if you are pushed for time.
  • Too busy?  You can check the supermarket shelves for  ‘convenient’ dinosaur party food  (pizza, savouries, potato products, crisps, biscuits, crisps and sweets)  But why not choose one or two of the quicker, more appealing ideas to add to the mix and have a go?  It’s generally healthier, much cheaper and quicker and not so tricky as you imagine  – you’ll feel great afterwards when you gets lots of admiring comments – one dino footprint at a time my friends, one step at  a time!  Enjoy!!
  • Let us know what works for you?   The more the merrier – party on!

PS: check out out our dinosaur and fossil party bags on sale at the moment – with real fossils – now there’s brownie points.   Don’t risk those scathing social media comments about pound shops and cheap cake – scary!!!    And if you find yourself warming to the idea, check out why the rich and famous are adding rocks to their interior decor – now there’s a plan…