Holiday Activities

Holiday Activities

We already have a wealth of info on what to do with kids of all ages in the great outdoors – and when you get back home so we thought it would be useful for you to browse it all in one place so here goes….

(ps if you just wanted to go shopping, click here to bail out …)

  1. If you are here because your children love fossils already, here are the 5 most popular sites in the UK. An easy guide to finding them etc etc
  2. We figure you might like to know how to keep the family safe and what to take with you – tick Kerching!
  3. Not near a famous fossil site…? No worries. Here’s how to make a ‘Jurassic Park Adventure’ out of a ‘boring’ walk nearer to home..
  4. Want to build in some family fitness fun to your excursion – here’s some mini challenges that are easy to do and will keep the whole family on your toes …
  5. Then we have all the fun things you can do with rocks back at home – get crafty, for instance! Or save them for a rainy day. If you haven’t managed to collect any rocks, we have lots of affordable kids items on our site – click on the shopping link at the top of the page!
  6. For the serious collector we have a straightforward ‘how to ‘ guide on cataloguing, storage and display
  7. We have more arts n crafts and fun literacy games if you are trying to get them into ‘back to school’ mode – or indeed if you want more fun for free!!!
  8. Then there’s all the seasonal activities, for Easter and Christmas Holidays – favourite or bookmark if you like and come back to us later – we’ll still be here and having fun!
  9. A special birthday coming up for the young rock hound – we’ve got it all covered so let us take the strain out of planning for you
  10. We love kids and fun learning activities so much we could go on and on (as you’ve probably guessed by now!) Have a browse through our extensive collection, there’s food, cooking, homework, parenting, exams… oops there we go again. And if you don’t find what you want, challenge our education specialists to come up with a new blog just for you! Thank you so much for dropping by and we hope you enjoy reading and find useful, fun tips along the way. Dip in and out whenever it suits and remember, when you need a family pressie, we’re always here for you! Happy Families – you float our boat! Thank you.

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