Your questions answered – where to find out about Fossils? Buying presents for Dad. Ideas for kid’s holiday activities…

Whether you are re-styling your home, shopping for gifts and need ideas, stuck for cheap and cheerful summer holiday activities or a dinosaur themed birthday party, wanting information and facts about rocks, a bit of crystal empathy, or just plain entertaining browsing with a bit of a laugh, add Our Blogs to your favourites and keep checking in – we promise awesome pictures of eye-popping rocks and a good time, we’re ready to rock!  You will also be able to browse the same categories in our online shop – complete with seasonal changes!

Watch this space as we build up our stock and library of blog posts …. or add in some ideas of your own, we’d love to hear from you – maybe you made a great dinosaur cake and you have a picture on our facebook page already?   Or a funny movie  of someone getting swamped by a wave whilst looking for fossils  on the beach at Lyme?   It happens!!   Get in touch – here’s a list we made earlier, but maybe you have better ideas … or requests..?

  • Using rocks for adding style to your home
  • gift suggestions
  • ideas for party bags
  • recipe for dinosaur birthday cake and ideas for prehistoric parties and picnics
  • Tips for rock finding, how to collect your own rocks – where and how its allowed, splitting, cleaning and simple preparation, necessary equipment, ideas for storing and organising a collection, the Geological Timeline
  • How to be a fossil detective, cheap and cheerful fossil finding fun, competitions, , caring for pet rocks, jokes
  • Birthstone chart
  • Background information about  intriguing fossils, tales of fossil collectors from history, fossil gossip, a funny thing happened … hilarious tales of what can go wrong when out fossil collecting and being ill-informed or prepared!
  • Cool holiday snaps and travellers tales.
  • And so much more …. any requests?????

We are unconsciously standing on our own history – All the time!!!

So take a few moments to treasure and enjoy.