How to be Happy at Work and Crystal Clear!

How to be happy at work with Selenite Fossil and Crystal Shop

Here’s our 8 point plan for how to be happy at work  – we hope it’s of interest and maybe you have your own tips of how to be happy at work, you can add via ‘comments’ below – we’d love to hear from you!

How to be happy at work?  Its January and its raining right now!  Time to look back at what we did last year and how we’re going to approach 2015!  Alongside fossils and crystals, we are very interested in emotional and physical well-being and having an appetite for life.   As part of what we do, we enjoy traveling,  sourcing new products and continuing relationships with valued sources – our rock friends all over the world.

How to be happy at work with Apatite Fossil and Crystal Shop

Apatite for life?

  • How to be happy at work 1 :  Do it on purpose!!  Of course in our days, weeks and year, we need aims to fulfill our sense of purpose.   Did you know that the definition of what makes a team is having a common aim or aim and understanding how each person fits into the frame.   Our fossil and crystal team meetings focus on common aims and then each person understanding how their input really does add up to our achievement as a whole.
  • how to be happy at work with tetrahedral galena Fossil and Crystal Shop

    Every cloud has a silver lining..

  • How to be happy at work 2 :  Positively Enjoy!!  As we were establishing the business it was easy to lose heart when we looking at the seemingly impossible task of  starting afresh and letting people know what we were up to!  Instead of focusing on those days when only 3 people visited the site, it was important for the team to notice and celebrate every step of the way: taking time to enjoy new fossil and crystal finds (always easy!), share photos, talk to customers, appreciate the input of each team member, start each day with a coffee and a plan and maybe eat chips on a friday 😉   Just breathe and enjoy, take it from there.
  • How to be happy at work with Vanadinite Fossil and Crystal Shop

    The team that plays together stays together..

  • How to be happy at work  3 :  Show of strength!!  Make a list of your strengths and give them a score out of ten.  Share your list with a team member who appreciates you.   Get them to re-rate and add anything they think you’ve missed – most of us (Brits!) underestimate our capabilities – our team know just who is good at what and enjoy helping out as well as gaining new skills along the way.  Whoop-de-doo!!
  • How to be happy at work with Amethyst Fossil and Crystal Shop

    Celebrate your strengths and shine!!

  • How to be happy at work 4 :  Ooh Be nice!!  Women in particular recognise the importance of relationships both at work and in life generally.   One of our aims is to share our passion for rocks with women as well as men (who already know more about fossils on the whole) and we LOVE chatting with our friends on Twitter as well as with each other – be it a great new rock, a triumph, however small or sharing a bad day – just to make it better 🙂
  • How to be happy at work with Baryte Fossil and Crystal Shop

    A Pure Heart is a Happy Heart

  • How to be happy at work 5 : Like a bouncing ball ….  know what you need to bounce back from disappointment – coffee with a good friend, a game of squash, a night out, commiseration with a like-sufferer – keep it out there and get back on track as much as you can.  Share the love!  (We’re off to the gym!)
  • How to be happy at work with Cuprite Fossil and Crystal Shop

    Strong, sensitive energy

  • How to be happy at work  6 : Be grateful!   Did you know that the opposite feeling of gratitude is envy – so when we don’t take time show that we are grateful, we can easily create a bubbling casserole of envy in ourselves and others – don’t think so?  Try it out.   Overcome stress by saying a heartfelt ‘thank you’ – even when you are wrestling with the imperfect service you have just received – and watch your magic do its work!   You will continue to enjoy your day and the person you have just thanked will pay that little bit more attention to what they are doing when the next customer arrives.   Give it a go – we love our customers and are endlessly grateful to meet and share our passion for  rocks with like-minded souls – what’s not to like?!
  • How to be happy at work with Rose Quartz Buddha Fossil and Crystal shop

    Take a leaf from the Buddha’s book

  • How to be happy at work 7 :  ‘Keep looking on the bright side of life ….’  Taste it, feel it, smell it – enjoy the present and your treasured memories of happy days past.   It may seem a remote possibility at times – or not even desirable – but grab a buddy and be a team – enjoy having a good moan, a laugh and then get back on that bucking bronco and give it another go!  What’s to lose but your black mood?
  • How to be happy at work with Chrysocolla Fossil and Crystal shop

    All things bright and beautiful

    How to be happy at work 8 : GOAL!!   Having a goal or goals is a great way to measure our progress – but remember to make it SMART!!  That is, be Specific in what you want to achieve, How will you Measure your success?  Make sure it is really Achievable – no point setting yourself or the team up for failure!  Realistic – ditto – and make sure you give yourself enough Time – not too much or too little to do what you want to do.  And what if you aren’t achieving your goals – run through the points above again, pick yourself up, dust yourself off, revise your SMART target and go again girls and guys, no rush.

  • How to be happy at work with Close up of Insects in Copal

    Remember – we are but ants in the grand scheme of things!

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