Fun Cheap Activities for Kids Holidays

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Kids Activities – lets get started:

We write about fossils, family learning, kids activities and fun, and are a resource for parents of dinosaur and fossil fans.   Here you can pick up a few ideas and also learn a little bit about each of our family activities blogs and click on those where you’d like to read in more detail….

  •  Kids Activities on the beach and in the Countryside

  •  learn how to look for fossils, ideas of where to go, what to take with you, and don’t forget to bring treasures home because you’re gonna need them…
  • Go to Dorset, to the Jurassic Coast – visit the brilliant fun resources and expert help there and learn how to search for fossils, or Whitby, where you can also take fossil hunting trips with an expert.
  • Back home you can do lots of kids activities:

  •  fossil collecting: things to do when you get home lists around 14 kids activities for outdoor play, arts and crafts with your fossils, how to get help identifying fossils and how to extend language skills, creativity and concentration through play
  • christmas activities, explains traditional fun and games for Christmas
  •  easter fun gives tips for kids activities including easter egg hunts, making easter cakes, decorating an easter tree and fun art and crafts
  •  dinosaur parties call for dinosaur games – we tell you how
  • dinosaur party food – lots of fun how-to ideas
  • check out our fossil bags, packed full of fossils, a great bargain, with attached info which can also be used for research (see below).
  • even activities for babies and toddlers

Here’s an idea to whet your appetite:

  • For a simple poem, start each line with the next letter from the word Fossils or Dinosaurs.  Eg Dinosaurs are:










Great words young rockhound – how about a border to go round the page with those felt pens we got at the pound shop on the way home?  Cocoa?  I’ll put the kettle on 😉

If arts and crafts is more your thing:

  • Paint  fossils with poster paints and make prints.  Washes off everything – but not the carpet, stay outside or in the kitchen. Photo the results and show on our facebook page?  We’d love to hear from you!

Or you need to know more about identifying fossils and fossil facts:

Or help with homework:

Geology: How it all began and other stories

Continental Drift – Paintballing and Mammoths!!!

How crystals get their colour, stromatolites, meteorites….

and the fascinating, What are minerals used for

  • A hint to keep you going:

  • Look up your fossil finds using google, a DK book or go to the library.   Older children may enjoy Fossil Detectives -a fantastic BBC Book on Discovering Prehistoric Britain.  Check it out!

    kids activities: Fossil Detectives Book

    Fossil Detectives Book

  •  Take them along to a museum and get  help.  Many museums are free and have fantastic fun kids activities.   Why not spend a day there?
  • Little ones feeling tired?

  • A dinosaur bath (get the paint off the toy ones at the same time).
  •   A re-run of Jurassic Park for the older ones, lower your standards and chips with some dinosaur pizza shapes in front of the TV, early night for tired juniors.

Phew!! Glass of wine?  Bubble bath? Happy memories in the bank are what sweet dreams are made of.  Psst we have blogs for you too.  Like jewellery?  Sleep tight.

Happy Playing.  Talk to us – we’d love to hear from you – leave us a comment or see us as Fossil and Crystal Snippets on Facebook or as Fossilsnippets on Twitter.

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