Fossils, the newest thing on the planet?

fossils fish and hat

Fossils new? Surely not?

But what you will notice, if you pay it any attention, is that pictures of beautiful gardens and interiors will often feature a stone of some sort.   Fossils, crystals, stonework or sculpture – or simply a ‘find’ of a stone.   If your approach to rocks is more scholarly, click here for our geological blogs whilst the rest of us have a coffee and chat interiors……

fossils handmade coral jars

Beautiful handmade fossil coral jars

The weekend supplements featuring celebrity biopics will often show a fond fossil or fossils that are highly prized by the owner.  Along with a vintage teddy or letter to their family from a notable historical giant.  It seems every designer bathroom has a sculpture, crystal or amazing fossils, like a crab.   It’s all a bare space needs, frankly, to make it sing with style.


Fossils: Crab with Shells

Fossils: Crab with Shells – simple, fresh and lovely

Fossils in the Garden:

So often, that exquisite secret corner in the most fabulous of gardens will have a sculpture, fossils, a natural rock formation, or stone feature of some sort.  Because plants and stone, like water for chocolate (the drinking variety), are just made for each other.  A sort of gardeners 2  +2 = 5.   A timeless love story, we have forgotten how it begins.   But we treasure it exquisitely and we long to rediscover its secrets, once more.

fossils: fossil wood stools

Fossils: Fossil wood stools – a place to perch in a secluded sunspot!

Fossils – Celebrity Endorsement:

Lots of us love to collect Fossils Check out our blog on How to Find Fantastic Fossils  Most people are lovers of fossils  at some point in their lives, even though some may not have realised it yet.   David Attenborough’s programmes are so popular because he is such a fascinating, knowledgeable and warm person.   Also because at heart, we all share his passion for evidence from our past.   Fossils are everywhere.  We are unconsciously standing on our own history!

Fossils: David Attenborough loves 'em!

David Attenborough – we love him and he loves fossils

Think about it.  Dust to dust is what the planet is made of.  It is millions of years old and before the advent of humans, lies the beginning.   Underneath all those Plantagenats or Romans.   Documented by the record provided by fossils .  Just as our skies are a historical record of the birth of our planets, which we are just starting to know about.   So space is reflected down below our feet, the symmetry of space and earth, between them holding all the secrets of time.  Between us, and the centre of the earth, contains our story as a planet, all there for the discovering.

You may have seen fossils on Channel 4’s great show, ‘Four Rooms‘ (Series 3, episode 13), or read about it in ‘Hello’ magazine, where the lovely Tamara Beckwith bought a fabulously beautiful giant ammonite pair.  And on the same show, a massive cave bear skeleton was shown being sold to a Formula One collector – a powerful beast to match a high-powered lifestyle!

Fossils and Crystals: Ideas for your home:

If you are attracted to the idea of adding some fossils to bring your décor alive – indoors or out, but are not sure how to get going, we have started collecting some ideas together for you on our Pinterest page.  Whether a fossil, crystal or sculpture.

For instance, a  small collection of ammonites or other fossils could add interest to your kitchen dresser.   You may have some stuck in the attic or shed?  You may  want to put a modern twist on the Victorian retro thing and  add a skull or a fossil or two to your study or drawing room.


Or maybe you go for the collected, clean and cosy Scandinavian look?  Where some neutral ammonites are arranged neatly on a scrubbed wooden side table?  Or rows of small shark teeth exquisitely and exactly arranged in a picture frame on the wall?  The beauty of fossils – no dust, no clutter, just the magic they bring to your living space.


Fossils: Wood Bookends

Fossils: Fossil Wood Bookends – always beautiful.

Fossils, Crystals and Rocks for Garden Design:

You may fancy adding a touch of Japanese style to your garden?  With a simple stone sculpture, maybe with an elegant Acer tree or near a water feature?


Statement Pieces:

The clean lines of a massage or fitness studio need only a simple arrangement.  If you don’t see what you want on our website – contact us – we have a whole lot more in stock.

Celebrities Houses Citrine Cathedral Pair

citrine Cathedral Pair


Maybe if classic lines are more you, a beautiful Marble vase and matching fruit bowl?

Fossils: Kids Collectables

You may just want some fun fossils for the kids’ room?

Whatever your style, there is just the rock for you.  Let us know what was your favourite?  Or get in touch (leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you or contact us) and we’d love to share some pictures of your design features and collections on our Facebook page?   We hope we have inspired some seeds of ideas for how stone can enhance your joy and surroundings – visitors will talk about your ‘je ne sais quoi’ – as you sit happily in your beautiful surroundings, indoors or out, fresh and collected or intriguingly intellectual – show yourself – what’s your next project?  Let us know by adding a comment?

Thanks for reading – if you want to see some of our other blogs, click here!  See you soon!