Where to find the largest collection of Fossils for sale in the UK

The UK’s largest collection of fossils for sale and a vast selection of minerals and crystals are now online for you to enjoy.
Established since 1976, on our team we have a palaeontologist (fossil expert), minerologist and museum specialist, fossil preparators and linguists, computer experts – as you might expect of a well-respected international rock company.

We have nothing so much  in common with each other but we are united in one respect – we are passionate about fossils and minerals in all their wonderful forms – sounding nerdy?  Don’t miss out!!

The fossil and crystal shop is an exciting new venture for us, so we hope you like it and we look forward to hearing from you – or via your preferred social media – so that you can be a part of shaping what we do – because without you the party wouldn’t be complete, so take a sneaky peek, come in and keep us busy!  The collection is growing every day so keep an eye on things – most of what we sell are one-offs and whether you just enjoy a good browse or like to bag a bargain, keep checking our new discoveries.