Fossiling: How to Find Fantastic Fossils

Fossil Hunting UK Jurassic Coast

If you fancy going fossiling – you are not alone!  Or maybe the children are clamouring to go and you don’t fancy it – don’t worry – you do not have to be intrepid, male or eccentric – read on and maybe give it a go?  We have a whole suite of blogs on the subject to help you:

1. Just in case you need convincing about   how great fossils can look in your home, check here first!

Nothing beats the thrill of finding your own fossils, so we have blogs on all the key things you need to know:

2.  Where do I go and What do I look for?  This will tell you about the main locations in the UK and where to find out about smaller sites close to you!  Published later today!! 27.5.2015

3. What do I need?   Covering all safety aspects, small amount of necessary equipment and hazards to watch out for.  Nothing drastic but  a few basic rules – just like road safety really.

4.  How to persuade the kids that it will be an adventure:  Tips on making a fossil walk into a Jurassic World!

5.  What can we do with our fossils when we get home?:  fun activities to extend learning: things to make and do, fun fact finding, and more…

6.  And if you’ve got the bug, we have a bumper selection of fun activities to keep you going right through the holidays!


Fossil hunting Lyme Regis Lamp Post

Lyme Regis – where even the Lamp Posts are beautiful!



Fossiling Jurassic Coast

Jurassic Coast – all to yourself!


Fossiling Lyme Regis House

Stay at the seaside for a few days – make a trip of it!

7.  How to curate a collection:   How to keep, identify and catalogue your collected fossils.   A great learning project and much more fun than it sounds!!

8.  Most importantly……..have fun!  You do not have to leave the beaten track of civilisation and abandon all creature comforts to have delicious fun in the outdoors with family and friends – trust us, give it a go!   Check out these wonderful beach huts at Lyme!

  • Fossiling Lyme Regis Beach Huts

    Lyme Regis Beach Huts – get one for the day?


9.   Last, but not least:  if you have the bug and no fossils – we know where you can get some nice ones – happy hunting!