Fossil Party Bags & more Dinosaur Dilemmas

Fossil Party Bags

Fossil Party Bags , party food, ideas for fun – read on if you need a head start on all things Jurassic !

Fossil Party bags

Fossil Treasure!

It’s quite tricky when our kids decide to like things that we don’t know much about – its like being stuck with homework all over again!  The other thing about dinosaur crazes that youngsters often have, is you can’t get an awful lot of dinosaur into Fossil Party Bags!

Joking apart – we know planning for birthday parties gets pretty serious and stress levels can start to run  high.   Because we’d like to help, we also have a accompanying blog on easy to make dinosaur party food.  Let’s get going on the games …

Fossil Party Bags Dinosaur Party Food

Don’t fancy your chances Princess!!

  • sand pit with plastic dinosaurs in – they love it!
  • Pin the tail on the dinosaur – print one out or buy a cheap pic, put on the blindfold and use blutac instead of a pin.  Simples.
  • pass the parcel with fossil presents or plastic dinosaurs in – just split up one of our fossil party bags and pop one fossil in between each layer – or add a few forfeits just for fun!
  • Play tag but whoever is ‘on’ is the dinosaur.  Rarrrr!!
  • Hunt the dinos or fossils around the house/room/garden/village hall… (like an egg hunt!)
  • ‘We’re going on a dinosaur hunt, we’re not scared…’  take the fantastic bear hunt idea and go feral at a local green space (within reason!)  Maybe we’ll make a song for you – remind me!
  • competition – who can act the best dino – or roar the loudest (good luck with that one)
  • Musical Dinosaurs – when the music stops, you have to be a fossilised dinosaur – turned to stone!  ‘How long can you keep your statue going?’  😉  Ssshhhh!   ‘Don’t move, you’ll be out’.
  • tired?  End up with a great story like Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs or a movie – are they old enough for Jurassic Park ? Don’t send them home with nightmares

We also have another activities blog.  Click here for more arts and crafts based fun.    Depending where you live, you could just go fossiling with a picnic?   Click for our Finding Fantastic Fossil Blog.  There’s lots of things you can do without too much trouble.     Just pick one or 2 and plan around them.   If the idea horrifies you, get some local drama students in to help you out?  Keeping control of a gang of marauding kids is a knack, we admit!  We’d love to see pictures or hear of your dinosaur parties – whether they ended triumphantly, or the funny stories….  You can share easily via our facebook page.

One thing you have to do these days it seems, is send them home with a party bag.  Buying fossils can start to get a bit pricey – which is why we like our Big Bang Fossil party bags – they are fantastic for young collectors because each fossil party bag contains 10 fossil specimens- yep, 10 fossils: fossilised wood, trilobite, stingray tooth plate, gastropod, coral, orthoceras, dinosaur bone, brachiopod, echinoid and fossilised algae – eww –  with cute magnifying glass, geological time line, background information and written information on each fossil.

Fossil Party Bags

Big Bang Fossil Bag – more bang for your buck!

Fossil party bags make  fabulous presents for  young rock hounds because there is  so much treasure in each bag.  And what’s more, you can split the bag up into individual small presents and prizes, so lots of booty potential!   Because we’re so sure that they make such brilliant presents we’ve put them on sale, Indeed you can save money by buying five at a time – one for each of the grandkids..?  Or you can split each bag up and just give one fossil each with a slice of birthday cake.  Cheap and cheerful – especially as shipping is totally free if you are on mainland Uk and charged only at cost overseas.  Happy shopping and treat yourself to a footspa whilst you’re at it!  If you want something to browse whilst your feet are soaking, try our blog on homes and gardens?  Give them a birthday to remember!