Fossil hunting: 8 things you need

fossil hunting with the kids

So you’ve decided to take the kids fossil hunting this weekend? It’s free and fun – you’re gonna have a great time. Here’s everything you’ll need in your fossil hunting starter kit:

1. A sharp eye

If you’re a parent, we know you’ve got this in your armour – and this is the most important and useful tool for your fossil hunting quest.

2.  The local rulebook

It’s important to understand the rules of the area you’re visiting. Certain sites are protected, meaning you can’t chip away at the cliffs! A quick google should do the trick.

3. Tide times

If you’re visiting a coastal site, be prepared. Fossils are great, but make sure you aren’t taking unnecessary risks.

Fossil hunting: 2 boys on beach

Safety first – Cliff falls are a real danger!

4. Small knife or hammer

To split rocks, but make sure this is allowed locally.

5. Safety Goggles

Safety first – make sure your eyes are protected.  You may have some goggles already.  If not we liked these very inexpensive ones from Chesterford.

6. Appropriate footwear

Coastal fossil hunting sites can be very slippery – make sure you have good grip on your shoes.

7. Hard hat

A must if you’re going to be hunting around cliffs where loose rocks could fall.  NEVER stand under cliffs!!!

8. Packing material

Keep your amazing finds protected! A big bag and some bubble wrap should suffice.

Need help on what to do with the kids when you get those fossils home? This might help.  Or worried about cluttering up your mini palace with rocks?  Our interior style guide should sort it!

Most importantly, have a fantastic time and do let us know about your experience in the comments below!  Or join in facebook – we’d love to hear your stories!

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