Fossil Crystals What Kind of Lover am I?

Window on Your Soul?
Rock, Fossil or Crystal? 5 min quiz – you know the drill!!  Mostly A,B, C, D, or E – results at the bottom – enjoy!! Or  if you fancy something more academic, click here!
 Strongly  Agree Agree  Neither agree nor disagree Disagree Strongly disagree
1. Rock, Fossil or Crystal?  It is important to me that my living space is clutter free  C A E B D
2. Fossil Crystals I love a project B D A C E
3. I like to accessorize my look depending on the time of day and occasion  A B C E D
4. Rock, Fossil or Crystal I love David Attenborough programmes D E A B C
5. We are a family and spend most of our disposable income on having fun together E D B A C
6. We have lots of pets E B D C A
7. I love to give surprise presents to those I love B C E A D
8.  Fossil Crystals I like to buy treats for myself C A B D E
9. My personal appearance is important to me A C B E D
10. My favourite place is my ‘shed’ D E B A C
11. I have lots of hobbies B D C A E
12. I would say that my income is above average C A E D B
13. My appearance and that of my house are equally important A C B E D
14. My favourite programme is ‘Downton Abbey’ A B E D C
15. Rock, Fossil or Crystal? My favourite place is the garden A D E B C
16.  Fossil Crystals? The Beach is my idea of heaven E C B D A
17. Fossil Crystals? I prefer Fossils to Crystals D C E B A
18. Fossil Crystals? I prefer Crystals to Fossils B A E C D
19. Fossil Crystals? I have some shells or stones I collected B D E A C
20. Camping is my idea of a weekend from hell A C B D E
21. I love to learn new things B D C A E
22. Stately Homes are my thing A B E D C
23. Cats are my favourite animal B A E D C
24. My favourite programme is ‘The Great British Bake-Off’ B A E C D
25. I love dogs D B E C A
26. Status is important C A E B D
27. I like the house to be neat and tidy C A E B D
28. I like hosting social events so that friends admire my latest acquisitions C A B E D
29. I love Scandinavian Thrillers C E B D A
30. ‘I love the Antiques Roadshow A B D C E

Fossil Crystals? Mostly As:  style is important to you – both at home and when you are out and about.  A pile of dusty stones is your idea of a nightmare – but you quite like shopping and might be tempted by some of the beautiful and unusual things we have on our website – have a look  – surprise yourself with what you’ll find there!

Fossil Crystals Onyx Vase on Stand

Clearly a Classic!


Fossil Crystals? Mostly Bs:  you are a very competent and creative person who loves to try out new ideas.  You might enjoy our Pinterest Boards which show how to use some of our products to create different home styles and looks – happy browsing – we’d love to see pictures of your creations too!

Fossil Crystals crab and shells

Creative Projects r U?

Fossil Crystals? Mostly Cs:  You know what you like and you pride yourself on your sense of style and taste.   You love life and live it to the full.   If you spend you would rather it was on something worthwhile and you are discerning about your space – sharing it with only those things that truly represent you.  You can be generous with friends and loved ones, especially if it entails fun and or adventure! You don’t like to be tied down, you like the good things in life and you live it with style.    Take a look at our Fossil and Crystal Collectables –  you’ll be amazed, or your money back!

Fossil Crystals Marble Eagle

Swoop in and bag a Trophy?

Fossil Crystals? Mostly Ds: far from the dunce of this particular class, you are creative, competent – you know what you like and you are good at collecting and making things from the things that other people overlook.  You are very happy entertaining yourself with things that you consider to be interesting and worthwhile and you are not overly interested in shopping – although you have your own personal style.  We don’t need to tell you anything about yourself and your likes – but you may enjoy some of our blogs – for instance this one on categorising collections?

Fossil Crystals Bison skull and books

Feeling Horny?

Fossil Crystals? Mostly Es: You are so busy, if you are browsing on the net it is with a coffee, tea or glass of wine – a guilty few minutes to yourself.  Maybe you are looking for a few cheap present ideas – check out our page for children’s collectables (from 4 – 104!)  or get a refill and browse the site – give us a shout on Twitter and tell us what you think?

Fossil Crystals Dinosaur Party Bags

Dino Diner?

Fossil Crystals? Whichever is your thing, we have some great suggestions for getting your rocks off at home!   Thanks for dropping by and we really hope you’ve had a bit of fun.  Follow us on Twitter for more high jinks – we promise!!  and we’ll follow You – of course!

Fossil Crystals Buddha with Orchid

‘The World is What You Are’ Buddha