Family Fitness Fun Made Easy!

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Family Fitness Fun: Join the craze, here’s some fun, easy ideas to get you started!  You’ll live longer, be happier and love and laugh more.  Lets get started:

1. Team Effort

A team needs a common aim.  Decide what’s gonna get your family on the move: bribery, get ready for holidays, looking great, sibling rivalry, follow an interest… we know you’re good at this!

2.  Walks with A Difference

Just like the great story, ‘We’re going on a Bearhunt’, turn a walk into an adventure.  Our blogs on fossil walks might help here.  Or for family fitness fun go to a castle, visit a football ground, collect conkers… ‘its just around the next corner, you’ll see..’

3.  Try some Interval Training

Interval Training is a great way to get in some Cardio fitness.  Run to the next bush, lampost, pillar box.  Now walk to recover and when you’re ready do it again.  Little ones love this – they laugh so much they can’t run!  Its a great way to control your effort if you are worried or have asthma in the family, just keep it manageable.

4.  Outdoor Circuits

‘We’re gonna jump over the stile, run down to the fence, lie down and get up again.  Mind the cow pat!  Now do 10 star jumps and skip back.  Children will enjoy challenging you to make a fool of yourself and enjoy an element of competition.  Avoid sweet prizes.   Whoever wins gets to choose what we do next.  Keep adding and changing exercises, no stress – rest when you want to.  Then get back to it, you’ll feel so glad you did!

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5.  Drink Water, Avoid Sugar…

Walk whenever you can, stand up most of the time – even at your laptop.   Type 2 Diabetes, Bye Bye!

6.  Go Swimming

So go to the place with the slides, or try the family fitness fun day at the local baths.  Can’t swim – time to learn.  You owe it to yourself – and your family!

7. On yer bike

There are lots of great bike trails now that avoid roads and are safe even for little ones.  Google Sustrans for bike paths local to you.   Try Gumtree or car boot sales for a giveaway bike.

8.  Cook together

Prepare a picnic together with fruit, interesting salads, dips, healthy finger foods.  Or make a cake with healthy ingredients – there’s lots of great blogs to choose from, we enjoyed – make mine chocolate!  Or have a BBQ with some salad sides.  BBQs always use a lot of energy, all that fetching, carrying and lighting.  Delicious though!

9. Make the Most of Light Evenings

Go out for half an hour or so of family fitness fun on fine evenings

10.  Take the stairs

Stuck in the house?  Run up and down the stairs 10 times, star jumps, lie down and get up x 5, a few pressups, clean the windows, hoover, share out the chores – now go out and have fun!  Enjoy!

Let us know what you’ve been up to in the comments below or post your pics on facebook – we’ll race you!

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