5 Easy activities babies and toddlers

5 easy activities babies and toddlers picture of birds made with food

Ever tried to enjoy a whole a coffee whilst keeping youngsters happy?  First, 3 quick rules of thumb:

  • The trick is a little planning.   Make sure they’re safe and you’re happy for them to explore by putting the toys in their mouth etc
  • Believe that this works and give it a good go.
  • Keep a good eye on them and show them you’re paying attention by talking to them:  ‘Wow you’ve got the red one’ with a big smile.

Easy activities Babies and Toddlers:

  • Start as you mean to go on – sit baby on the floor with enough cushions to prop them up and a whole basket of baby-safe toys, even safe household objects,  The trick is in the plenty.  Change a few each day to keep interest going.
  • Sit toddlers safely with a good handful of nice fat crayons and plenty of cheap paper.   If they love dinosaurs,  they may draw them.   Smile and notice – ‘ooh the red one has a really long neck’, ‘can I see big teeth on the green one?’
  • Play dough  is another way for your child to be absorbed in playing for longer.   It is easy to make and can be coloured with a few drops of food dye should you wish.  Find a cheap and easy recipe below.
  • You can add a rolling pin, cookie cutters and a few safe kitchen tools to extend the fun but keep it simple.   Cakes, Cookies and Crafts Shop do some great dinosaur cookie cutters.
easy activities babies and toddlers

credit: fantasticfunandlearning.com

  • If you don’t mind them eating the odd million   germs, they can play with real cookie dough, add currants and cook the results.  Nom nom, grey biccies!!
  • A specially prepared and colourful selection of fruit and finger food, safe for your toddler to pick and choose for themselves may keep them absorbed.  Don’t go away.

The garden is great for playing, no worries about the mess.  Keep old rugs, cushions or an old plastic tablecloth for the purpose.   Rig up some shade and play the same games again.

5 easy activities babies and toddlers – Play Dough Recipe:

Mix 2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water and 2 tablespoons vegetable oil (optional, but it makes the dough feel and work nicely).  Lightly knead all ingredients together, warm gently in a pan until forms a soft lump.  Lovely to squidge whilst still warm!


5 easy activities babies and toddlers – Why bother?


As long as you have a genuine interest, (Why wouldn’t you – refill the coffee)  Your baby or toddler will be developing self-reliance, extending their concentration span and finding learning delicious.  You will be rewarded by toddler smiles, language and drawings that you will treasure forever.   If you pay close attention, you will notice if they draw and describe things that are bothering them.   Listen and cuddle, what could be nicer, healthier or easier?    Use these ideas to develop your own – we’d love to see your pictures on our facebook page!

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 Our very best wishes for your parenting journey www.fossilandcrystalshop.com

photo credit for food picture:  Embracing Your Health