Easter Egg Hunt: And Other Egg-Tastic Fun!

Easter Egg Hunt making easter nests

Hi, we’re all about fun for free or next to nothing.  Here are our top tips for an Easter Egg Hunt and other cheap and easy fun and games:

Easter Egg Hunt: Top Tips

  • The best sized eggs for hunting are about 7 cm long and foil wrapped – that way you can make them tricky to find and stay in the great outdoors for longer.  The more eggs the longer the hunt!
  • use the old trick of ‘getting warmer!’, ‘nope cold now’, ‘wow, red hot!’ to keep them on the trail.
  • Avoid tears by having different hunts for different ages, allow li’l ones a head start or hide eggs at different levels
  • make rules like how many eggs each.  Or find them all, collect in a basket and share equally
  • an indoor Easter egg hunt is just as good if you have to – keep it to one room if you’re worried
  • do a treasure hunt with paper trail clues and use eggs as prizes
  • small gang of kids? Give them the eggs and let them get on with it!
photo credit voyagevixens.com Easter Egg Hunt

photo credit voyagevixens.com Easter Egg Hunt

How to make Easter more Festive:

  • boil eggs wrapped in onion skins or with food colouring for a colourful breakfast
  • paint eggs and have a competition.  For getting crafty avoid stress by painting outside or covering the carpet with an old plastic tablecloth
  • dribble candle wax pattern onto cold boiled egg, paint afterwards
  • make whole scenes with eggs – our fave was a pond in a plastic grape box, with eggs painted black and little tails made from a piece of black plastic bag – tadpoles!  Put in few pebbles etc. Way to go!
  • follow your family passions: Create basketball players by painting on the eggs and make the court from eg a pizza delivery box; guinea pigs – cute painted eggs nestled in real hay in a shoe box hut; or make a Jurassic scene, add toy dinosaurs and painted dinosaur eggs, rocks and fossils…
  • make a Swedish Easter Tree: Decorate some twigs indoors or a bush in the front garden with your painted eggs and some ribbons and trinkets, share the love
easter egg hunt cosyhomeblog.com Easter Tree

cosyhomeblog.com Easter Tree

  • make a chocolate cake together (we searched blogs and came up with this simple recipe from Mark Sanford : How to Make Cakes) and decorate eg with mini eggs or chicks from your toy farm
  • melt chocolate and mix in some shredded wheat or rice crispies.  Shape into little nests and add mini eggs.  Allow to cool and dry.

How to Blow an Egg:

  • over a saucer and some newspaper, make a 2mm hole in the broader end of a raw egg with a pin or needle.
  • in the other end of the egg, make a pin hole.
  • blow hard through the pin hole and the egg should trickle out of the larger hole.
  • carefully wash and dry the egg and you’re ready to paint.
  • alternatively, you can hard boil the eggs before using for craft but they will have a limited shelf life!!!!

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