Did T Rex Eat Fruit?

Dinosaur Eating an Orange?

Did T Rex Eat Fruit? Possibly not!  Although check out this film of  Tony feeding Oranges to his outrarrrgeous pet at the Tucson Rock and Gem Show.   Taking place every February in Tucson Arizona,  is the world’s largest show of Fossils, Gems and Minerals with the advantage that Tucson is definitely warmer – and drier –  than your average British Feb!   Some years the desert is  in bloom – a bonus when the  Cactii grow like trees!  Seriously though, the whole town gets turned into a giant fossil, mineral and jewellery  show and there are some pretty amazing things –  big like this T Rex but also rocks of all sizes – exquisitely formed minerals in the deepest greens, brightest pinks, vivid reds – twisted, cubed, intricate – how does nature do those things?  Cactus trees outside, hidden worlds inside – hotel after hotel, room after room full of absolute wonders and treasures, millions of years old and all, in one way or another, totally amazing!   Check it out – its happening now.  The world’s fossil dudes (including ours) and mineral magicians are doing their stuff there –  a gigantic fossil and mineral marketplace of the most amazing things you could ever see – and they are all from under our feet – seriously, it takes some getting used to!   What we like is that each person has their own area of expertise, rocks they learn about, search for,  collect, lovingly prepare to show them at their absolute best  – a kind of giant Crufts for dinosaurs – its amazing!

Oh and by the way, if you want to see more of Tony and his buddy  – here’s the link : http://youtu.be/2pq84KESsmw