Celebrities Houses -reasons they look amazing

Celebrities Houses Fossilised Coral Jar with Moroccan Rug

Lots of celebrities houses share the secret that they love to treat themselves to a chunk of rock!!  Honestly!  Not the pink minty kind from the seaside but big fossils and crystals!  Up to now, you may have thought rocks were for Nerds, Healy Feelies and small boys?  Well, think again.   Want to know how to make your home more like celebrities houses ….?

Celebrities Houses Citrine Cathedral Pair

Citrine Cathedrals mmm!!

Fossil and Crystal shoppers  include TV people, film makers, footballers, socialites, people like you and me and people like them.  You may have seen  Channel 4’s great show, ‘Four Rooms‘, or read about it in Hello magazine, where  the lovely Tamara Beckwith bought a fabulous Giant Ammonite pair.  And on the same show, a massive cave bear skeleton was shown being sold to a Formula One collector – a powerful beast to match a high-powered lifestyle!  Many celebrities houses are a tribute to their passion for rocks!

Celebrities Houses Moroccan Orthoceras Sculpture

Moroccan Orthoceras Sculpture

Lots of celebrities houses show that they love to collect Fossils.  David Attenborough makes no secret of his passion for Paleontology (Fossils, that is) –  but did you know that Bill Gates is a huge fan, for instance – and our favourite comediennes Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley?    There are lots and lots of people now who love to have rocks in their home – not just celebrities houses – because they want to learn about Fossils  and  love the way they look – or because they adore Crystals and feel good having them around – or simply because they know how to add chic to a favourite room or make an enchanted corner in the garden just by adding the right rock in just the right place – Feng Shui style.

Celebrities Houses Fossil Wood Bird Bath

Fossil Wood Bird Bath

We explore a range of styles in our blog, Fossils, the newest thing on the planet.  You may love the latest Victorian retro thing and want to add  a skull  or a fossilised bone or two – maybe  in a glass  case?  Or maybe you go for the careful, clean but cosy Scandinavian look,  where some neutral ammonites are arranged on a wooden table – or rows of small shark teeth exquisitely and exactly arranged in  a picture frame on the wall.

Celebrities Houses rutilated quartz buddha

Rutilated Quartz Buddha – with orchids

Or you may fancy adding a touch of Japanese style to your garden, with simple stone sculpture, maybe with an elegant Acer tree or near a water feature?  The clean lines of a massage or fitness studio need only  a simple arrangement of Chakra crystals – or one big Amethyst cathedral standing statuesquely in the corner, next to the fragrant oil burner and the floor cushions?

elebrities Houses Amethyst Cathedral pair

Amethyst Cathedrals – Much Adored

Or you may go for something more traditional – a beautiful Marble vase and matching fruit bowl?  Or just some fun dinosaur bits for he kid’s room?  You can check out some of these ideas on our beautiful Pinterest pages.  Whatever your style, there is just the rock for you – don’t let the celebrities houses be the only place decorators have fun, – what’s your next project?  And have you seen any celebrities houses that look amazing?   Any with cool rocks?  Let us know ?