Where can I get a Labradorite Talisman like the one Kili has in The Hobbit?

Labradorite Fossil and crystal shop talisman?

We keep getting asked about the lovely Labradorite talisman  (with runic writing).  The one  that Kili has in the recent Hobbit ‘Desolation of Smaug’ movie.    Yes, it IS one of ours!   Check us out we have lots of lovely Labradorite products – it’s our fave!!!  But read on for more Hobbit fun….

If it wasn’t for the labradorite talisman… Kili might not have had a pretext  for chatting up the Wood Elf warrioress, Tauriel.    She would not have fallen in love with him and disobeyed her king’s orders.    Or travelled through Ork-infested lands to heal his arrow wound with secret elf magic.   The king’s son would not have followed her.  Which changed Wood Elf foreign policy towards dwarves … and stopped the evil power of Middle Earth from covering the world in darkness…  All because of a small – but very beautiful-  labradorite talisman!

triple Labradorite Skull Carving Talisman?

See no evil, hear no evil…

Which is a better result than we got from Pirates of the Caribbean 3!  They bought loads of sparkling stones for their fairy grotto and then cut the relevant scenes out altogether.   Also a BBC Christmas production some years ago of Conan Doyle’s The Lost World.  They bought all of our biggest dino bones, at the time –  and never used them.  Yeay, Kili and Tauriel have it!

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