Back to School

Back to School

Back to School – you couldn’t wait and now you don’t know what’s what?   Here’s a quick read which might reassure you – or give a few ideas for free, easy, life- enhancing post holiday, activities about the home.  Or you might just prefer to click out here and go shopping!

So they’re in school and you’re still here – so let’s crack on …

Back to School – are you celebrating or anxious right now – or maybe a touch of both in these strange times – that would be the sensible response to the situation we find ourselves in!   We personally feel a bit tired, but also busy.  We are aware of the seasons beginning to change.  Our pumpkins are growing fatter in the garden.  There’s a feeling of the year slipping away and we want to make up for lost time … but we are just taking a moment to breathe and smell the sweet smells of summer maturing and autumn sliding in through the back door!

So we have turned our attention to the now overgrown garden.  Here are a few stress-busting ideas from an earlier blog on bringing the inside outside to make the best of the last drops of summer.  Also easy ways of introducing a few accents into the post summer sprawl, to add colour and punctuation and keep us living outside as long as we can.

We’re also bringing a bit of the outside inside, to prolong those heavenly evenings when we feel a bit chilly sitting outside now but are still reluctant to draw the curtains on our summer existence.

Our last blog post was all about activities for getting the family enjoying the great outdoors.  We are still enjoying doing that at the weekends and you might want to take a peek there for ideas and follow up activities too!

Or if you have moved inside and the house is doing your head in now, here is a step by step plan for getting them to take control of their own bedrooms.  Do we hear laughter? ;D   There are plenty of good tips there from child-rearing experts, useful for all kinds of dilemmas – not just the messy bedroom ones!

If you still have younger ones home and you feel it is time for them now, we have a post on cheap and easy play with a purpose for those lil people.   We’re all about child development being fun.

There’s a post on healthy eating if you have new resolve for yourself and the fam?   And also a quick but delicious recipe for Granola – great for a healthy breakfast on the go now we’re all back into the hectic morning routines!

And if you’re all done with everyone else and fancy some me time, have a browse.  Maybe the post on wearing crystals is just your thing – we love a bit of bling and when it means something to us, we’re happy bunnies and love to show off the sparkle.

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Wishing you a great start to Autumn and when you feel ready, we have all your Advent and Christmas needs all sewn up in one happy parcel.  Have fun!