Valentines Day 10 reasons It Rocks !!

Valentines day Rose Quartz Heart

Valentines Day 10 reasons It Rocks !! Or why you will be loved for saying it with a rock, whomsoever you love….  give us 30 secs:

  • you won’t get a diamond as big as a brick (trad.)


If you want to know why fossils are the newest thing on the planet, click here!!  We are here to help and are full of great Gift Ideas!  We have many more products than in our online shop so let us know if you can’t find what you want – Contact Us   Btw – we’re pretty funny and (officially!) cool on Twitter – Follow Us?   But if rocks are not for you today, thanks for calling by anyway – enjoy the flowers … whilst they last 😉

Happy Days y’all ♥

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